MC Harry Associates, the third oldest architectural firm in Miami, is celebrating their 59th year of professional practice.   The firm's work builds on its history of architectural planning and design, with projects throughout South Florida and the Caribbean.  The company is recognized for its sustained success and award winning design.

MC Harry Associates turned to its past to create a formula for current and future success, maintaining a commitment to client service, thoughtful, intelligent work and a corporate climate of enthusiasm and unabashed fun.

The firm's design expertise and corporate culture originate with its founder, Milton Carlisle Harry, who started practicing architecture in Miami in 1957.  He fostered a spirited team environment that encouraged his employees to develop a sense of ownership of their projects.  The firm's partners, have made this a core element of their management and design philosophy as well.

Milton Harry started his firm by designing small office buildings and custom homes.  By building on those beginnings, MC Harry Associates now enjoys considerable success providing architectural and engineering services to a variety of first-time and repeat clientele.  Decades-long relationships with the transportation, education, and government sectors have garnered the company numerous juried design awards for a diverse collection of projects.  

The firm's design portfolio is both diverse and energetic and runs the gamut from academic and research buildings, libraries, municipal buildings, and judicial facilities, to recreation centers, public safety venues, airport terminals, transportation facilities, adaptive reuse, and historic restorations.

MC Harry Associate' abiding commitment to sustainable design and the Architecture 2030 Challenge is expressed through design responses reflecting regional building form striving for net zero results.


  Senior Leadership    
Staff Aquart

Craig Aquart , AIA,

NCARB, Principal

Javier Torres

Javier O. Torres , AIA,


Tom Carlson

Thomas M. Carlson, AIA,

NCARB, LEED AP, Principal

Lourdes Solera

Lourdes Solera , FAIA,

LEED AP, Principal



Jim Piersol

James W. Piersol, AIA ,

CSI, LEED AP, Principal